This page contains the core peace bias. This list of value pairs is not exhaustive, and each pair is subject to debate, case applicability and goodness to be determined via constant conversation between world piece computer operators and world inhabitants. Each instance of a world piece computer is expected to maintain its own version of a core peace bias. By maintaining a core peace bias and its consistent application to decision-making process at all scopes, the random walk of life should take on weighted movement in a direction most conducive to maintaining the universal piece. THE VALUE PAIRS PRESENTED HERE ARE NECESSARILY INCONSISTENT AND NEED FURTHER ANALYSIS.

Core Peace Bias

Favored Value Unfavored Value
Nonviolence > Violence
Creation > Destruction
Process > Product
Compassion > Sympathy
Commitment > Non-commitment
Acceptance > Denial
Tolerance > Intolerance
Inclusion > Exclusion
Neutrality > Polarization
Trust > Distrust
Preservation > Disruption
Empathy > Indifference
Difference > Similarity
Interdependence > Independence
Love > Hate
Emotion > Intellect
Thinking > Feeling
Restraint > Release
Democracy > Autocracy
Transparency > Opacity
Flexibility > Rigidity
Collaboration > Competition
Humility > Arrogance
Resilience > Fragility
Sustainability > Short-term Gains
Patience > Impatience
Empowerment > Control
Mindfulness > Negligence
Accountability > Irresponsibility
Integration > Disintegration
Evolution > Revolution
Adaptation > Stagnation
Discomfort > Comfort
Giant Steps > Baby Steps
Future > Past
Difference > Similarity
Challenge > Ease
Actual Intelligence > Artificial Intelligence
Variation > Consistency